Before purchasing, I read a lot of Kitchen Faucet Reviews. We finally decided to go for the Moen 7594ESRS, since it meets all our requirements. We want a single handle faucet with pull-down, and preferably a hand-free kitchen faucet. We purchased it from Amazon two months ago and have been very happy with it.

We did the installation by ourselves, my husband and me. For the beginner, I was a bit unsure if we can do it by ourselves. Since my husband persisted, I decided to have a try. It is actually quite easy. All we need to do is to follow the instruction.

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One of the reasons I want this faucet is the Motionsense feature, and it has not disappointed me. The motion senses work very well. To use the top sensor, i.e. the “wave sensor”, wave your hand on top of the sensor, the water turns on, and wave again to turn off the water. The “ready sensor” functions whenever it detects a moving object. My four year daughter loves it a lot. Now she can turn on/off the water without mom’s help. She is not tall enough to reach the handle yet. The good thing about the Motionsense feature is that you can turn off the both sensors easily by placing your hand over the top sensor about 5 seconds.

The important features of the Moen 7594ESRS

  • Motionsense function offers a hand free convenience. You don’t have to touch the faucet to turn on/off the faucet.
  • Three ways to control the water flow – “wave sensor” at the very top of the faucet, “ready sensor” about half way up the faucet, regular faucet handle.
  • Pull down spout with Reflex pulldown wand – the pull down retracts without any assistant.
  • Spot Resist stainless maintains your faucet clean. Resists water spots and fingerprints.
  • Single handle lever control provides a user friendly experience to the user.

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The high-arc faucet spout can rotate 100 degrees when filling a vessel on your kitchen counter. With the Reflex system, pull down extends and retracts smoothly. I love the spot-resist finish. Much less cleaning tasks for me now! I would imagine this feature would work so well for those who have hard water.

The faucet is beautiful and very durable. All my guesses notice it and love it. I recommend this faucet to everyone. You will love it and never want to go back to the regular faucet again.

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Finally we decide to go for Delta Foundations 21996LF-SS kitchen faucet after reading a lot of Kitchen faucet reviews. And we are so glad that we did. We were looking for a high-arc double handle kitchen faucet with a spray, and not very expensive. Delta 21996LF-SS meets all our needs and it looks absolutely gorgeous with our marble counters & farmhouse sink.

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The installation was easy. Since we installed it in our new kitchen, no work for uninstall the old faucet, it only took about 30 minutes to install. The faucet is well-built. The handles and spout are sturdy, and it looks and feels like 2 or 3 times more expensive faucet in our kitchen. The elegant gooseneck brings classy taste and the stainless finish can be perfectly matched any kitchen style. We have been using it for 2 months now, and I realize that it rarely leaves any water spots and finger prints on the faucet, super easy to clean.

The important features – Delta Foundations 21996LF-SS

  • The High-arc faucet spout – allows big items to be placed under the faucet, which is very convenient for cleaning the big pots and pans.
  • Side spray – It can be installed on either side of the faucet. With the flex hose, the side spray ensures the water can reach every corner of your sink. It is also easy when you want to fill a pot on the kitchen counter for example.
  • Timeless design – brings classy and elegant feel to your kitchen. It matches the traditional kitchen perfectly.
  • This item is covered by Delta’s Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty

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As I read from other kitchen faucet reviews, the high-arc is one of the best features of Delta Foundations 21996LF-SS kitchen faucet. I can easily put bit items such large pots and pans under the faucet, which bring the convenience to the cleaning tasks.

The side spray is the best thing I love about this faucet. Now when I need to fill a big pot or the water kettle, I can simply put them on my kitchen counter, and use the side spray to fill them. No need to put them into the sink, and then take them out of the sink with the wet bottoms. The last kitchen task is to clean the sink. With the side spray the water can cover all over your sink now, the cleaning becomes so easy.

And I must mention the price – unbelievable low price! If you are like me, want a beautiful good quality kitchen faucet with spending ton of money, get this one! You will be satisfied.

Here’s what one of the owners has to say about Delta Foundations 21996LF-SS

We finally upgraded our stock kitchen faucet and we are very glad we did. I can’t speak to how easy it is to install because we had a couple of plumbing jobs this being one so we had someone install it. But the plumbers were impressed by Delta and said they are easy to install and always seem to work well. It has a timeless elegance designed, which work well with almost any decor. The curves are gentle and there are little details throughout. The stainless steel almost looks like brushed nickel. It is not too shiny. The handles look much better in person than the picture. The sprayer works very well. The cut and number of holes you get a nice intense spray that is very useful. (austin_Larry)

Waste King H711-U-SNWhen we decide to purchase a hot water faucet, I know what to buy. I didn’t even spend time to read any kitchen faucet reviews. Because my parents have had this item of earlier model for at least 6 years and have never had a problem with it. It works perfectly all the time; water is always instant and HOT.

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Shipping was quick, no problems. Installation was a snapped; insert the faucet through the hole in the sink, install three quick disconnects. Two of them are going into the tank and one going to a cold water pipe, turn the water, fill up the tank by opening the faucet, plug the unit in and turn the thermostat to high. And just like that, in a few minutes, instant hot water.

The unit is quiet and works well. It takes less than a second for the hot water to come out the spout. I drink a LOT of tea, and this uses a lot less electricity than nuking water a few times a day.

Product Features – Waste King H711-U-SN

  • Gooseneck chrome faucet included
  • 4-Inch reach swiveling Spout
  • AB1953 Compliant
  • Instant hot water on demand
  • Elegant style and convenience
  • Temperature Range140-190 °F
  • Up to 100 cups of hot water per hour

It produces plenty of hot water, ready when you need it. Once installed, I was surprised by how often we use it. I really love having the hot water dispenser because it is so easy to make a quick cup of tea, coffee, etc. And you always have plenty of hot water for dishes and cooking.

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This unit allows you to adjust the temperature with range140-190 °F. You can set the water temperature a little high so that it’s almost boiling or a bit cooler than that. Ours is set around 190 degrees. This is good for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal, anything you need hot water for.

I like the looks of the faucet. I got a faucet in the same finish and they match perfectly. I also like that the faucet has a convenient shape that does not protrude too far into the sink, but it is not just a u-shape where it could be difficult to get a large pot under it.

Some of the hot water faucets can be quite expensive at the local suppliers and usually one has to purchase the two parts separately. This is a very nice offer and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their expenses down while purchasing an attractive and quality hot water dispenser.

When reading the kitchen faucet reviews online, Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST impressed me by its great feedback from the customers. Not only because it has a pull-down spray, Magnet docking, high-arc single handle and many other features, but also the timeless design and the high quality. After all what makes it stand out is the touch function. Plus, you can get it with an unbeliever low price. If you are looking for a touch kitchen faucet with affordable price, this faucet is for you.

First thing first, let’s talk about the installation. Since it is an electric faucet, there will be some assembly work for the electrical part. However, you are still able to do it by yourself. The instruction is very clear and easy to follow. You can also find the step by step video to walk you through the installation procedure. We did it by ourselves and it took us about one hour. Not bad! Once installed, it looks brilliant and no issues.

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As described in other kitchen faucet reviews, the best feature we enjoy is the touch function. The Delta Touch2O technology adds magic in your kitchen faucet. You can switch on and off the faucet by a single touch with your finger, hand, arm or elbow. Imagine how convenient it will be. Even if you are having messy fingers or busy hands, you can easily control your kitchen faucet without dirt your faucet! All the family members love this feature as well as the guests.

The Important features of the Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST

  • The single handle let you control the water flow and temperature easily.
  • High-art 360 degree swivel spout provide you enough space in your working area.
  • The MagnetTite docking makes the faucet pull-down spray stay in position firmly after use.
  • Delta DIAMOND (TM) Seal technology offers you a leak-free, lead-free and long life kitchen faucet.
  • With Delta Touch2O technology, you can turn on/off your faucet with a simple touch.
  • Multi-flow feature allows you to increase the water flow rate from 1.5 gpm to 1.75 gpm temporarily.

The multi-flow feature is another cool feature. In case you need a stronger water flow, this feature allows you to get the water flow rate increased up to 1.75 gpm from the normal flow – 1.5 gpm. You can fill the pot quick or just to have the stronger pressure for cleaning tasks.

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I also love the high-arc spout a lot. It looks great! But the best thing is that it gives me more space for cooking. I cook a lot and often use big pots and pans. No problem for that anymore. The pull down works perfectly. The magnet embedded in the spout is powerful enough to keep the pull down in place, and also easy to pull down. With the long hose the water covers everywhere of your sink.

And I have to mention how beautiful it is! It looks like an elegant artwork standing in your kitchen proudly. I would recommend this kitchen faucet to everybody! You can read more kitchen faucet reviews here.

Kitchen Faucet Reviews - Delta 9159-AR-DST - Arctic StainlessWe read a lot of kitchen faucet reviews, and go to different stores to see various faucets as well. All of our research pointed us to this model, Delta 9159-AR-DST, and we have absolutely no regrets. It is arrived in great packaging, and has substantial heft.

The installation was fully easy. It came with long, flexible hoses, which went right into the water shutoffs so no need for adapters. No need for any specialized tools other than a Phillips screwdriver. The mounting plate under the countertop surface is a great design that holds the faucet rigidly–important for pull-down faucets that get extra wear and tear as the sprayer is pulled out on a regular basis. The control handle turns only forward (for temp control) or to the right (for flow control), so it is perfect for an installation close to the back splash.

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Magnetic mechanism in the spray does make it fit back nicely. It gives you a satisfying “click” when it attaches. There is a positive “clicks” for switching between spray and stream nicely hidden under the head.

Other kitchen faucet reviews about this faucet are correct. It doesn’t splash in my deep sink. The spray doesn’t go all over the place. It comes out in a straight line so it goes only to where you direct it and you do not have to hold down a button to make it work.

Product Features for Delta 9159-AR-DST

  • High-arc spout provides large work area in your sink
  • MagnaTite Docking ensure the pull down will track back nicely and firmly
  • Single handle design for precise control with one hand
  • Pull-down wand operates in an aerated or spray mode via ergonomic buttons
  • For three holes, 8-Inch installation, order optional escutcheon RP64072

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The water pressure for the sprayer is great. And the pull down also works great, if I want it to stay down it stays. Docking works great too. There are no problems with the hose sliding through the faucet ‘neck’.

This is a wonderful faucet. It is both functional and attractive. It’s very sleek and modern looking. The clean lines of this faucet are graceful and will look great in any kitchen. The single-lever control has a great valve that meters hot/cold water proportionately throughout the range. The Arctic Stainless finish doesn’t show water spots.

I have to say that this faucet is exceptional, and has actually exceeded our expectations. 

See one of the kitchen faucet reviews about Delta 9159-AR-DST 

I was concerned initially about the base being too big and not looking sleek but it looked great when it arrived. The magnet keeps the pull out in place and the Arctic Stainless color looks great. The design is very modern and functional. The handle is great and functional – everything looks well designed and built to last. The faucet has a good water flow and the spray functionality is good. It’s not a push down – it clicks to switch btw spray and regular flow. My wife wanted a faucet with a high arch and this fits the bill.

I looked at a lot of faucets from different brands – I believe we definitely made the right choice! (CJ)


Moen 7594CSLOur kitchen faucet was in dire need of an upgrade – too often we couldn’t fill pitchers or pot easily because of our old faucet was too low, and rust clung all around the joints. I was looking for a taller faucet while re-doing my kitchen. I read many kitchen faucet reviews, did a lot of researching about the manufacturers before purchase the Moen 7594CSL. When we received our new Moen Faucet, it was a huge relief!

As soon as I opened the box, I was impressed. First, I noticed there was a base plate cover if you have a standard three-hole cutout in your sink or counter. It also comes with a plastic piece containing a rubber seal eliminating the need for plumber’s putty. The same setup for single-hole installation is included in the box as well. I liked this because they do sell three-hole kits as an option.

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The Moen One Handle High Arc Faucet was really easy to install – the only tools I needed were a wrench to remove my old faucet, and a screwdriver to install the new Moen Faucet. Moen included a tool to use in conjunction with a screwdriver to tighten the included nuts and bolts. Having never changed a faucet before, it only took me an hour to remove the old faucet, and install the new faucet.

Here are some of the important product features:

  • Stainless finish delivers a lightly brushed warm gray metallic look
  • Moen’s 1255 Duralast cartridge – provides a consistently smooth handle feel for the life of the faucet
  • High-arc spout provides more clearance
  • The three-function sprayer – aerated stream, powerful rinse, and pause.
  • One-Handle lever design for ease of use
  • Moen’s Reflex pulldown system – provides smooth operation, easy movement, and secure docking.
  • Hydrolock quick connect installation
  • ADA compliant

I love how the pull-down sprayer allows you to turn off the streaming water right at the headpiece when switching sides of the sink or to make other adjustments as needed. Actually I was surprised at how much I use the pause button to move between sinks and to fill up large pots.

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The arc is nice and high, and easily swivels from side to side, thus allowing me to put large pots and other cookware into the sink and not have to tilt them under the faucet stream.

As other kitchen faucet reviews mentioned, the large button on the nozzle to switch to the sprayer function is convenient and the hose pulls out and retracts smoothly. The small handle makes it easy even for our young children to adjust the temperature. I really like that you could choose which side to put the handle on, thus making it appealing for either right- or left-handed users.

Oh yea, did I mention it’s BEAUTIFUL? It’s like a work of art in my otherwise very outdated kitchen. The Stainless finish is flawless and everything has a very ergonomic and tactile feel to it during use. I know it sounds like I’m talking about a German sedan, and not a kitchen faucet, but I really like this thing…

Here’s one of the kitchen faucet reviews about Moen 7594CSL  

This is a solidly constructed faucet. Nothing rattles/wobbles, everything moves smoothly. It looks and feels almost all metal. I love the pullout spray–no separate and messy spray. The spray springs back when you let go of it. You can also adjust the location of the weight on the spray hose to limit how far down you want to allow the spray head to go. The high arc means it’s easy to place large pans under it. One of the best features of this faucet is its aerator. The stream is very steady, not frothy and not solid. I’ve never seen better. My plumber said that this faucet was a good choice, but also said we should be careful in maintaining the faucet–No abrasives in cleaning. He even suggested that we consider applying a thin coating of car wax (LIProf).

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Pfister 133-10SSWe need to buy a faucet for a sink that my wife and I were putting in ourselves. Because of that we wanted one that was easy to install, but also sturdy and made of some quality. I read all the previous kitchen faucet reviews for Pfister 133-10SS Kitchen Faucet and was sold on the quality and good customer support. When the faucet arrived I was more than pleased.

It included all the parts necessary for installation with the exception of the reinforced flexible tubing to tie it to your plumbing. The instructions were clear and complete. It installed easily and works great. Keep an eye on the price though, this is the least expensive single handle pull out faucet I could find, and I am very pleased with its performance. It looks nice, takes up little room (installed with only one hole) and works well. With only one handle, I have room behind the sink for two soap dispensers and a bottle of lotion.

Product Features – Pfister 133-10SS Single Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet (– over 46% off!)

  • Swivel spout that allows you to swivel the faucet to the sides to get more room for doing the kitchen tasks
  • Ceramic disc valving for a reliable, leak-free operation
  • Single-control faucet with pullout sprayer – works together with the long hose, the faucet is able to reach everywhere of your sink
  • 1 or 3-Hole installation
  • ADA compliant

The one-handle construction makes it easy to turn on and off, even if all you have clean available to adjust it is your wrist or the back of your hand. The faucet pulls out easily and the hose is long enough to easily reach beyond our deep well sink to the counter to fill large pots, buckets, and be able to water my garden window plants. In its normal position, the height of the faucet makes it easy to fill larger pots, pitchers or pails, without having to pull the faucet out.

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For those looking for a value pullout faucet, this is it. As seen in other kitchen faucet reviews, nearly everything on this is made of metal, not the plastic that you find for the same price at the big box stores. In addition, Pfister provides a lifetime warranty which from what I have heard is actually adhered to.

Here is what one of the owner says about Pfister 133-10SS

Installed this faucet when we built our house in 1997. The pullout hose started leaking in 2011 and the finish was starting to chip around the edges. Not bad for 14 years of everyday service with 2 kids. I called support and turns out this faucet has a lifetime warranty.. They are sending out a complete new faucet for 7.99 shipping. Why can’t everything be this easy? (-l-ynot)

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Kitchen Faucet Reviews - Delta 9178-SS-DSTAfter reading a number of kitchen faucet reviews, we ordered this faucet to replace our worn out faucet. We were lucky to get the Delta 9178-SS-DST with over 42% off retail price. It arrived a month ago, and I quickly emptied out the stuff from under the kitchen sink and got to work installing it. It was installed very quickly and easily – probably 45 minutes including reading the instructions and removing the old faucet. The instructions are easy to follow and have lots of diagrams, so even a novice “plumber” can install this faucet.

After installing the faucet, flushing the lines out and checking for leaks under the sink, I washed a few dishes and got a feel for it. The one handle makes it SO easy to control water temperature or turn on water while preparing stuff in the sink – holding pots to clean or chicken to rinse, I only need to move to one handle.

As most of the kitchen faucet reviews about Delta 9178-SS-DST described, it’s really convenient to just grab the sprayer head and not have to worry about squeezing a handle to make it work, and the magnetic feature just slides the head right back into place. A simple click on the head switches between stream and spray – it can all be done one-handed! It’s tall enough to get large pots under it, or wash your hands and arms without pulling the faucet head out.

Venetian Bronze color shows NO dirt! Occasional and minor water residue scaling (very slight and subject to your local water) but so much easier than chrome – have I ever cleaned it? Rarely!

Here are some of the great features of the Delta 9178-SS-DST

  • A charming teapot-inspired series of faucets for the entire home – Elegant and modern looking, classy and stylish
  • Optional escutcheon for three hole mounting included
  • The pull-down spray wand features a 59-Inch hose providing a 20-Inch reach
  • Single Handle control provides ease of operation with one hand
  • High-arc spout swivels 360-Degree for complete sink access – easy and time saving for cleaning out the sink
  • MagnaTite® docking keeps the kitchen pull-down spray wand firmly in place with a powerful integrated magnet, so it stays docked when not in use
  • Equipped with Touch-Clean® soft, rubber nubbins that allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger

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I definitely agree with the most of the kitchen faucet reviews, the faucet itself is very heavy and solid, not fake stainless like some of the kitchen faucets out there. It has very good water flow in both spray modes, and the water control handle is intuitive and operates in a very tight space in case you are backed up against a backsplash.

I like that they included extra gaskets and that the aerator can be removed and cleaned with the included wrench if it gets blocked by sand from our well water. But the best part of all is the Delta reputation and warranty. I feel confident that buying this expensive (for me) faucet will pay off in not having to repeat this job again in a year or two. If something goes wrong with this faucet, Delta stands behind their products.

Here’s what one of the owners has to say about Delta 9178-SS-DST

I recently renovated my kitchen. I purchased this faucet and I absolutely love it. The pull down spray nozzle was a heaven sent since I didn’t have a spray nozzle on my old faucet. The stainless steel went very well with my new stainless appliances. The high neck on this made it perfect for my needs since I like making big batches of soup and use a large stock pot. I didn’t have to struggle to fit the pot in the sink. I would definitely recommend it this product. (SandelFan)

Kitchen Faucet Reviews - Delta 16971-SSSD-DSTThis product is one that really seems the most versatile among all of the products that kitchen faucet reviews has seen so far. We ordered this from Amazon a month ago as part of a kitchen remodel; great price and fast shipping.

Delta 16971-SSSD-DST is available at over 41% off retail price, Click this link to take advantage of this huge discount!

Installation was mostly straightforward. This unit had everything needed to quickly install it on a 4-hole sink (3 for the faucet, 1 for the soap unit). I used a single hole mount and the soap dispenser. Installation was a breeze with this faucet. There are three connections to be made: 1 each for hot and cold water, and another for the pull down sprayer. The install kit comes with a wrench that allows for easy tightening in “tight” places. Once in, it looks very nice. It really draws your attention to it when you walk in the kitchen.

The magnetic handle is very nice and snaps promptly into place. From top to basin it is 15″ high and will fit a double basin sink well. The powerful integrated magnet in the head keeps the pull-down spray wand nice and tight when not in use. As I read from some kitchen faucet reviews, many faucets without the magnetic handle often meet the problem that the spout will start to sag over time. This faucet with the magnetic handle, I know it will hold up for years to come. It also has a lifetime warranty so it’s nice having the peace of mind.

The water pressure is great and easily changes from spray to full and back. The faucet head easily pulls down and snaps back into place magnetically. I can even fill the coffee maker with ease. It’s very well made and worth every penny.
Here are some of the great features of the Delta 16971-SSSD-DST

  • A simple, classic design reflects the style and taste of the traditional at heart
  • Timeless design blends flawlessly into your decor
  • Single handle for ease of control
  • Pull-down wand operating in an aerated or spray mode via an ergonomic toggle diverter
  • Exclusive MagnaTite spray head docking ensures a snug fit of the wand Includes matching soap or lotion dispenser
  • Touch Clean – easily wiping away the calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger
  • Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty

The sprayer button is another huge plus of the faucet. With many faucets you have to hold down the spray button to keep the sprayer going. This faucet has a switch so you just select the sprayer or the regular flow and it stays on that setting without having to hold the button in.

You can get this faucet now at a much lower price! Click here to save over $117 on this item!

The soap dispenser bottle ran dry today. I unscrewed the head and pump assembly atop the soap dispenser with no problem. When you refill the soap dispenser bottle, just do it slowly. So you won’t end up with the detergent spilling over the top and into the sink. That’s a waste of detergent and water to wash

Here is one of the kitchen faucet reviews about Delta 16971-SSSD-DST

I love it and I am enjoying every bit of this new addition to my newly renovated kitchen. It is exactly as the picture shows and very easy to assemble. I had my skepticism about ordering certain things online because I was afraid that something might just be missing from the package, but I was very relieved after opening the package. All the parts were there and as I previously mentioned, it was very easy to assemble. Five stars from me and I would not hesitate to recommend this product to my friends. (EJ)

Kitchen Faucet Reviews - Delta 19922-SSSD-DSTKitchen Faucet Reviews was lucky to get a hold of Delta 19922-SSSD-DST kitchen faucet. First thing first, let’s start the review from the faucet installation.

Click here to get Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton Kitchen Faucet – over 46% off retail price on this item!

Delta Ashton 19922 faucet in stainless finish was a snap to install. Mounted on a Corian sink, the unit is very sturdy just by using the supplied plastic nut driver to secure the underside clamp. Delta has improved the design and installation, in my opinion, over former single-handle pullout models. Most of my time was spent removing the old faucet.

This unit works for both the 3-4 hole installs and in the 1-2 hole install (soap dispenser for each). I installed the faucet to a 3 hole granite top without using the included escutcheon. With the other two holes, I installed two soap dispensers, one for dish soap and the other for hand soap but you will need to buy another one separately.

We’ve had this faucet for about one month and love both its look and functionality. You can also click here to read one of the kitchen faucet reviews from Amazon.

This faucet is designed to function without additional leads from the valves, which eliminates an additional part, a pro in my book (and apparently uncommon among today’s faucets for some reason). The faucet is a modern arched faucet, like many of the designer models today, but it isn’t quite as abrupt a curve as some I’ve seen, which actually makes it more functional.

Product Features – Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton Kitchen Faucet

  • High-arc spout swivels 360-Degree for complete sink access
  • High arc pull-down spout provides extra clearance for deep pots and pans and expands work area.
  • Total Height: 15.375″
  • Two function Multi-Flow wand allows for a temporary flow rate increase to 2.0 gpm – The faucet has a water-saving feature, which is 1.5 gallons per minutes.
  • Matching soap dispenser and optional deck escutcheon included
  • Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty

The water flow is about 1.5 gallons/min @ 60 psi which isn’t that strong but faucets these days are made to conserve water. You can increase the flow to 2 gal/min with the button on the spray head. Not all faucets have this multi flow feature. I think this feature is very useful. It helps fill your pots with water faster and the added pressure helps clean/remove debris from your pots, dishes and sink.

Get Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton Kitchen Faucet here – You save $164.88 on this item!

It also has a button for spray, which stays on even after you’ve shut the water off, in case that’s your preferred flow type. The spray switch works very well, even with low water flow. Another nice feature of this spray head is that it magnetically attaches, which allows for easy remounting, but also means you can tip it slightly without fully removing the head, again allowing for reaching the corners of your sink easily.

Soap dispenser looks nice. Refilling soap is easy, you fill soap from the top not under the sink which makes it very easy to fill. It pumps up soap easily also. The dispenser spout sticks out over the sink just right, not too far into the sink.

You can also get information about other similar products on our website. We hope you can find your best suitable kitchen faucet with the information provided on Kitchen Faucet Reviews.


Kraus KPF-1612I was replacing a 7 year old Kohler faucet in the kitchen. I searched for a faucet for a long time, read lots of Kitchen Faucet Reviews. This time I wanted something that was sturdier than the others I had bought in the past. And I really like the drop down type faucet but the other brands are in the 300$+ range. When I came upon Kraus KPF-1612 I ordered it immediately.

I love the way I can use the sprayer without having to hold the button down the whole time and since it sits so high I can put my large pot under it without having to use the sprayer. Also, it is quite happy to spray a lot of water very fast, and it’s way too easy to open it up to full-tilt. The 360 degree turnaround lets me use it from the patio side of the window.

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Some of the important product features are listed below:

  • Dual pullout spray head with an aerated flow or a powerful spray
  • Hermetically sealed with adjustable temperature and flow rate limitation
  • Single-lever water and temperature control
  • Single-hole, top-mount installation, in a 1.375-Inch hole
  • 2.2 GPM flow rate
  • Spring-tensioned retractable hose
  • Spout swivels 180-Degree
  • Contains Sedal drip-free ceramic cartridge
  • All mounting hardware and hot/cold waterlines are included

The Kraus KPF-1612 looks like it should be in a bar. VERY attractive. The funny thing is that everyone who has seen it likes it too and says that’s a great idea! That was what I thought too! And it is.

I wasn’t familiar with this brand and usually cheaper faucets are plastic, not heavy and of low quality…… Looks, feels and works like it is 300$ All heavy material except the head (which is plastic), but the way it attaches I don’t see it as a problem.

You are probably a bit afraid, like me, of going for a brand you are not sure of….I can say this faucet is as good as others that cost at LEAST 100$ more than this one and possibly 250$ more. Thanks for those who wrote the kitchen faucet reviews for this product!

Here is what an owner says about Kraus KPF-1612:

This faucet replaces a 10 year old $300 faucet purchased at a local luxury Kitchen & Bath store that needed a pullout hose replaced. The replacement hose was going to cost $50 so decided to see what I could find in a new faucet. For about $50 more I decided on this one and I am delighted with my choice. It is so much better than my original one and the 360 degree turnaround lets me use it from the patio side of the window. I had it installed by a plumber about a month ago, it is working beautifully and a joy to use. (Elaine “Jem”)

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Waste King H710-U-SNBefore making this online purchase, I read lots of kitchen faucet reviews. It seemed to me that the brand choice of Waste King over the competition was a no-brainer given its significantly lower price, more highly rated customer service department, and overall better product.

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We purchased the Waste King Hot Water Faucet and Tank two months ago and we are extremely happy with it. The faucet is fairly easy to install and comes with detailed install instructions.

The faucet has two 1/4 inch copper pipes, about 18 inches long. Also, a larger floppy plastic hose. The water goes from the source to one of the copper tubes, then to the faucet valve, then down the other copper tube to the heater tank. The hot water gets to the faucet spout via the larger floppy tube.

Exactly like some of the kitchen faucet reviews described, it is producing 198 degree water and is very quiet. There is no spitting or splashing. The high neck on the faucet makes it easy to fill a thermos bottle in our 7 inch-deep sink. The 3 second delay is not a problem. The handle is situated very well and looks stylish.

I have to say that this device is well-worth the money and it has become one of MY most favorite things about our kitchen. We don’t only use this for coffee in the morning and tea at night, it is wonderful for instant hot chocolate when the kids come in from sledding or playing outside in the snow, a quick bowl of hot oatmeal, instant soups…

Here are some of the product features of Waste King H710-U-SN:

  • Complies with AB 1953 regulation
  • Stainless steel self re-setting thermostat tank solid sturdy body faucet
  • Hot water only
  • Single lever

It is made in the USA, the faucet is much more attractive and sturdy, the tank is stainless steel and has a bigger capacity than the other, and the water is hotter. The water is never pressurized because the valve (on the faucet) is before the tank. When you push on the lever, cold water flows into the bottom of the tank, displacing hot water out the top of the tank to the faucet. Between the top heater tank outlet and the faucet spout is just the large plastic tubing, no valve.

Click here to get the Waste King H710-U-SN with much lower price. You can save over $326.21 on this item!

I like the temperature control on the front, which also can turn the unit off, during vacations. And the direction of the faucet is adjustable, which is another wonderful feature. Thanks for those who wrote the kitchen faucet reviews for this product. It really helps for me to make the best choice!

See what the owner said about the Waste King H710-U-SN

This under-sink hot water heater is a great value. I installed it about two weeks ago and it looks and works great. The delivery was the normal two days with Amazon Prime. The installation instructions were clear and aided an uneventful installed. Operation has been flawless. I’d like to particularly mention the quality of this faucet. It is very solidly built and features a positive stop for the lever, meaning you push the lever all the way to the stop and then the water flows. The positive stop means you can’t break the valve by pressing it too hard or too far. If you are in the market for this type of hot water heater, this one warrants your consideration. (Grenade)

Welcome Kitchen Faucet Reviews. Today we are going to introduce you a KOHLER Pullout kitchen faucet from Simplice collection. KOHLER not only considers providing you the great functionalities, but also the user experiences.

The Kohler Simplice Collection Pullout kitchen faucet has a traditional high-arch design, which brings the elegance to your kitchen while offering the convenience for your kitchen tasks. The 360 degree rotation faucet spout gives you more space when cleaning the pots, pants and etc.

What I love the most is the three function spray head. It includes spray, aerated flow and pause function. The pause function is a bonus, which allows you to temporarily stop the water flow. This is very convenient when you want to move the spray head over the counter top for filling a pot for instance.

Over the time, the mineral is going to build up in the faucet body, which may destroy the faucet and cause leakage. However, this is not the case for the Kohler Simplice Collection kitchen faucet. The MasterClean sprayface resists mineral buildup. This feature makes the faucet easy to clean and therefore reduces your cleaning workload.

Watch the video below to learn more about Kohler Simplice Collection Pullout kitchen faucet.

Hope to see you again at Kitchen Faucet Reviews!

Kitchen faucet reviews would like to introduce you Vigo VG02001 kitchen faucet today.

Vigo VG02001 is a single handle pull out kitchen faucet. The impressive design of the kitchen faucet brings a professional look and feel. It is available in two different kinds of finishes, i.e. Stainless steel and chrome. With the universal finish, you won’t have difficulties in finding the soap dispenser that matching the finish.

The spray can be pulled out smoothly and tracked back easily as well. The faucet is constructed with metal, but the spray head is made of plastic. The reason behind is because the plastic can protect your hand being burned by the hot water.

One thing I love about this faucet is the spray button. You can switch the water flow between spray and stream. The nice thing is that the faucet stays spray until you push the button again to switch it back, so you don’t have to hold the button in order to have the spray water flow. More than that, the faucet remembers the water flow setting. It stays the same water flow mode next time when you switch on the faucet. With memory valve, the faucet remembers the temperature setting as well.

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Kitchen Faucet Reviews wish you have found the best suitable faucet!

Welcome to Kitchen Faucet Reviews!

Grohe is a well-known manufactory that products high quality kitchen faucets. Grohe 33 893 pull out Kitchen Faucet becomes very popular because of its beautiful design, easy to install, cool functionalities and high durability.

This kitchen faucet applies 1-hole installation, and it is extremely easy to install. You can easily do it by following the instruction. The faucet features spray and stream water flow which can be switched by pushing the spray and stream button on top of the spout head. One thing I love this faucet is that the spray has a locking, meaning that it will stay in spray mode once you push the spray button until you switch it back to stream or turn the faucet off.

The pull out spray locks I place firmly after use. And it won’t fall out over time. The pull out hose is made of steel which is nice and durable. The GROHE SilkMove® Ceramic Cartridge ensures a very smooth handle operation. With memory position valve, the faucet remembers your previous setup. So you don’t have to adjust the water temperature every time switching on the faucet.

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